Alien Arena - Notifications in Linux

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Now, wanna get notified about online players in Alien Arena? Well, here is how...

Alien Arena notification Alien Arena notification

I wrote a script, which will notify you, when someone is playing online. It's based on my online API, which gets the info from all the AA servers.
All you have to do is set your e-mail address in config, and run the script.
The script is written in python 2.7.
So, let's start...

First you need to download the script, extract it somewhere, for example in ~/aa-notifier/ .
Open the config.json in an editor (gedit or something) and set your e-mail. It has to be valid e-mail address and best for you would be to use real one. It's only for one purpose - if I ever make any major changes, I can notify you.
Save the config, open terminal and do:

cd ~/aa-notifier/
chmod +x
./ --debug

just to see, if everything is OK.
If you don't use Ubuntu, you might have python version 3.x as default. Check your python version first:

python -V

If it's 3.x, you need to run it like:

python2 ./ --debug

And also check your repo, if you have installed python-gobject, if not, install it (for python2).
If you get any error, you can contact me, so we can solve it.
If you use Ubuntu Unity, you can get a pretty ugly notification. There is a reason for it... Unity simply doesn't support buttons in their notifications.
If you want the GUI notifications and you don't mind missing the button to join the busiest server, open the config again and remove the '#' from "#buttons": false.
Run the script in the command line again and see...
If you're satisfied, you can now put the script in your startup applications (without the
--debug argument) and that's that :)
Then if you want to test it on real data, launch AA, join a server and wait a minute, the notification should pop up.

And how about Conky, do you use it and would you also like to see the occupied servers and online players there?

Alien Arena notification

Open the config and focus on the "#conky" - remove the '#' and set a file-path to where you want to store the code for conky.
Open your .conkyrc (probably in your home dir) and insert something like this:

${color2}ALIEN ARENA ${hr 1}$color
${execpi 2 cat YOUR-AA-CONKY-FILE-PATH}

And that's all...
By default for conky there is max 8 occupied servers, if you want less (or more), put "max-servers": 5 (for example) in the config inside the "conky" configuration.

And how it looks like on my PC?

Alien Arena notification and conky in Gnome

Thanks for using the script!
Enjoy! :)


2018-12-10   Added config."popup-timeout" (default 120s), so the notification doesn't pop up every 15 seconds, if people are joining